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2013/14 Ventures




AboutMyCare™ enables healthcare providers to improve the patient experience by providing them with an innovative mobile solution that captures and converts targeted, real-time patient information into valuable insights aimed at improving service design and delivery; thus allowing providers to recapture lost Value Based Purchasing revenues.




Duo Kitchenware is a social enterprise that focuses on the needs of people with disabilities. We are dedicated to providing safe, functional and elegant kitchen products to users of all ages and abilities. Our mission at Duo Kitchenware is to improve the cooking experience and empower individuals to become independent around the kitchen.




Parahealth Solutions mission is to change the way patients engage in their healthcare through mobile and web enabled technology applications.  Parahealth’s featured product, CareMobile, delivers meaningful clinical data to a patient’s mobile device at the point of care during their hospital or clinic visit.  It displays medication lists, lab results, vital signs, care plans and discharge instructions.

Website: www.parahealthsolutions.com  



UP is an elevating manual wheelchair for paraplegic manual wheelchair users who desire extra height in order to reach high items and speak with others at eye level. Most wheelchair manufacturers do not offer height adjustable wheelchairs, and the ones that do are bulky and can cost upwards of $10,000. Compared to standing wheelchairs on the market, UP elevates users quicker, easier, and at a third of the price. 

Website: www.upwheelchair.com



Link will provide AER, a revolutionary intermittent catheter system, for users in need of continence care and bladder management solutions. AER is a fully enclosed intermittent catheter system designed with discreteness and universal usage to properly promote and protect wheelchair users from developing future UTIs and empower the independence (ease of use) of urethral catheterization. 

Website: www.aercatheter.com 



Solar Stream Innovations sells packaged solar solutions to hotels, multifamily housing, elder care facilities, and hospitals that want the renewable benefits of solar energy with a faster return on investment and back-up power generation. Unlike competing solar power technologies, we use primarily low cost, mass manufactured components to reduce installation and maintenance costs. Also, unlike substitute photovoltaic competitors, we offer low cost reliable back-up power generation.

Website: www.solarstreaminnovations.com 



HydroGene Biotechnologies is a synthetic biology venture aiming to minimize disease outbreaks in developing countries by developing a user-friendly, cost-effective biosensor for on-site rapid screening of waterborne bacteria and viruses.

Website: www.hydrogenebio.com  



Late Living provides video tours of assisted living facilities to senior citizens and their families who want the ability to search for assisted living care without leaving the comfort of their own home. Unlike the current approach and other online directories, Late Living is the first to offer full video walkthrough tours, room availability, Facebook integration, and direct facility contact wrapped into an easy to use website. Our approach saves time, lowers stress, and aids the facilities in locating new patients they would have never otherwise found.

Website: www.lateliving.com 



Ebook Glue is a software platform that allows website owners, libraries, universities, and businesses to quickly convert their content into downloadable eBooks.  Thousands of people rely on Ebook Glue to publish their content for a plethora of devices through a simple automated process that produces a beautiful reading experience.   

Website: www.ebookglue.com 



Loqui™  (pronounced lo-kee) is the solution for an often annoying and somehow far too frequently faced problem: lost or misplaced remotes. Loqui™ combines existing technologies and puts a new twist on them. Loqui™ combines voice recognition technology that most of us are already used to on our smart phones, and infrared data transmission to make watching TV or any other entertainment device simpler and easier than ever before.

Website: www.LoquiRemote.com



Onvard is a Website that helps beginning learners learn something new when they don't know where to start by recommending the best way to learn a topic.  It aims to provide an easier online learning experience to Internet users by directing users toward the best educational resources in the best chronological order.

Website: www.onvard.com 



FlashFood is a smartphone application and website designed to reduce food waste and feed the hungry. When the manager of a business has leftover food at the end of the night, she can create a post on our network which will notify a group of volunteer drivers to pick up the donation and deliver it to a local community center, such as a school or church. Meanwhile, qualifying subscribers to the network will receive a text alert of when and where they can pick up the donated meals.

Website: www.flashfoodrecovery.com


repair report

Repair Report is a car repair marketplace that removes driver headaches in two ways: through a Multiquote Inspection™ and a Driveway Diagnosis™. A Multiquote Inspection™ is when repair shops diagnose driver vehicle repairs & then post the repairs online where local shops can place blind bids to complete the repairs. A Driveway Diagnosis™ is when a certified, unbiased mobile inspector will come to the driver’s home to diagnose vehicle repairs for only $79. If repairs are found, inspectors will then post the inspection online and gather qualified offers for the driver. In both scenarios, drivers are now provided with multiple shop offers minutes after the inspection eliminating the headache of shopping around.

Website: www.repairreport.com



Pollen-Tech aims to revolutionize agriculture by giving farmers the ability to mechanically spray pollen on to their crops, thus decreasing crop risk and improving pollination rates and overall yields. With many crops facing major losses due to bee health issues, this technology will be crucial to the continued health and security of these crops.

Website: www.pollen-tech.com  



SiONanotech was founded by Dr. Nicole Herbots, a physicist, and Clarizza Watson, a chemical engineer and MBA, along with a multi-disciplinary team of researchers and business professionals. The company is currently commercializing VitreOxtm, an anti-fogging technology, which solves the problem of lens fogging within the medical and sports fields. In addition, the technology also has established demand within the automotive, construction, and consumer goods industries. Unlike anti-fogging products that are currently available, SiO2’s patented product is unique because it coats lenses indefinitely.

Website: www.sio2nanotech.com 


rarus innovations

Rarus Innovations is an education technology company delivering learning solutions through mobile and web platforms. Through partnerships with acclaimed researchers and educators, Rarus plans on developing a learning ecosystem that harnesses the power of crowdsourcing in providing a continuum of educational content. The learning content, which is common core equivalent, is aimed at helping students not only in reinforcement and retention, but also in advancement and in increasing achievement levels.




T7 thrives on developing innovative new concepts for use in education and business.  They provide a way for children’s book publishers to dramatically increase the value of their book by providing a patented technique where multiple reading levels are included in a single book. This provides additional learning stimulation thereby increasing the time of relevance for the book to the child.




Infinibotics has designed an educational toy for parents who seek a product that will mentally and physically engage their children while giving them an academic edge.  Unlike other electronic toys, their product, Cosmo the Robot, offers physical as well as cognitive learning through interactive games and communication.  This makes Cosmo an excellent teacher of early life skills for children.




Revolt! is a small batch craft distillery with a unique and differentiated product line located in Olympia, Washington. They specialize in liquor products that encompass the unique culture of the Pacific Northwest and its regional expertise. Revolt! cuts to the heart of a problem that is appearing everywhere. People want products as unique as they are. 



Grimhardt brewery co.

Grimhardt Brewing Co. is a microbrewery in the greater Phoenix, AZ area that brews superior beers, and engages the community through educational offerings, including tastings, classes in beer-food pairing, brewing science and brewing history, and hands-on instruction at a casual level and a home brewer’s introductory level.

Website: www.grimhardtbrewing.wordpress.com