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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What is a new venture?
  2. Where can I go for help in preparing my new venture concept proposal and after my new venture is funded?
  3. Can I receive course credit for participation in this program?
  4. What are the important dates and schedule of events?
  5. Do I have to form a company or a nonprofit organization before I can apply for funding?
  6. If the awards are granted on the calendar year, what if I graduate in the spring or summer? Can I still apply for the program?
  7. What are the primary objectives of the program?
  8. What will be the judging criteria?
  9. When and how will award money be distributed? Does a team get an award check at the beginning of the program?
  10. Can my team be funded for more than one year?
  11. Where is the program located?
  12. Who is the benefactor behind the Edson Student Entrepreneur Initiative?
  13. Who will own the rights to the new ideas that are funded through the Edson Student Entrepreneur Initiative?
  14. Can I be a member of more than one team? Can I be the team leader of more than one venture?
  15. Do I have to have a team or can I submit my venture alone?
  16. Do all of the members in a team need to be ASU students?